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The second game mode, Mini-games consist of 20 mini-games whose gameplay is different than that of the normal game. Players will have to use different strategies in order to win these difficult mini games. Mini Games mode is unlocked at level 3-4 in Adventure mode. However, only 3 mini-games are unlocked. The rest are only unlocked when Adventure mode is finished.


List of mini games


  • Stage: Day.
  • Gameplay: In this mini-game, you have to deal with ZomBotanies, a deadly cross between plants and zombies.
  • Zombies: Peashooter zombie, Wall-nut zombie.

- Peashooter zombie: This zombie fires peas at your plants. Your Peashooters will be able to fend off the first Peashooter zombies in their row, but the next Peashooter zombie appearing in the same row will destroy your Peashooter.

- Wall-nut zombie: Has the toughness of a Buckethead Zombie, but is unaffected by Magnet-shroom.


  • Strategy: Start by planting Sunflowers. When a Peashooter zombie shows up, plant a Peashooter in that row, and keep planting Sunflowers until you have 2 columns of them. When the second Peashooter zombie appears in a row, plant a Wall-nut/Tall-nut (ideally in column 6) or your Peashooter will expire. Keep doing that until you have a column of Peashooters and Wall-nuts/Tall-nuts. After that, you can commence placing Snow Peas and Repeaters, and replacing Wall-nuts with Tall-nuts.

Note: If a Wall-nut zombie appears when your defense is still weak, use a Squash or Potato Mine to finish him.

The final lawn should look like this:

S S R N R T * * *                S: Sunflower
S S R N R T * * *                R: Repeater
S S R N R T * * *                N: Snow Pea
S S R N R T * * *                T: Tall-nut
S S R N R T * * * 
  • Variations: You can place Tall-nuts farther to have more space for shooters, use Torchwood in place of Snow Pea, or bring additional shooters. As long as you keep to the basic strategy, things will be fine.

Wall-nut Bowling

  • Stage: Day.
  • Gameplay: This is a conveyor belt minigame. First introduced in level 1-5 of Adventure mode, Wall-nut Bowling requires you to roll the Wall-nuts like bowling balls to kill the zombies. You can only place the Wall-nuts on the left of the red line, after that they'll start to roll toward the zombies.
  • Plants: Wall-nut, Explode-o-nut:

- Wall-nut: Instead of blocking off zombies, the Wall-nuts will be tossed like bowling balls. Wall-nuts will travel straight at first, but when they hit a zombie, they will bounce off at an angle to hit more zombies. If a Wall-nut hits 2 zombies consecutively, you will receive a silver coin. Each subsequent zombie hit by the Wall-nut will drop one silver coin more - so hitting 4 zombies with a single Wall-nut will yield a total of 6 silver coins - one from the second zombie, two from the third, and three from the fourth. Hitting a fifth zombie with the Wall-nut will yield a gold coin.

Note that the Wall-nuts travel at random speeds, which will affect their bounce angles, but the differences can largely be ignored.

- Explode-o-nut: The Cherry Bomb version of Wall-nuts, Explode-o-nuts blows up all zombies in a 3x3 radius when hitting a zombie. Useful for taking out big hordes.

  • Zombies: Normal, Conehead, Buckethead, Pole vaulter, Newspaper. Normal zombies can take 1 Wall-nut hit, Coneheads can take 2 hits and Bucketheads can take 3 hits. Pole vaulting zombies can only take 1 hit, but they will jump over a Wall-nut rolling at them before you can kill them (keep in mind that they will jump over the Wall-nut that goes their way, NOT necessarily the Wall-nut that threaten them). Newspaper zombies take 2 hits, 1 to destroy their newspapers and 1 more to down the zombie itself.
  • Strategy: If only a few zombies show up (like at the game's beginning), do nothing and wait for more zombies, so that your Wall-nuts can bounce off and hit more zombies. Your Wall-nut storage will also fill up, preparing you for more dangerous situations. Do not waste your Explode-o-nut on a very small area of zombies; instead, finish them with regular Wall-nuts. Only in very dangerous situations or at the end of the game should you use your Explode-o-nut,and always check to see if you can use regular Wall-nuts to finish them off instead. Be warned; you may have to lose a few lawnmowers in this game.
  • Note: The achievement "Roll Some Heads" is awarded for hitting 5 zombies with a single Wall-nut.

Slot Machine

  • Stage: Day.
  • Gameplay: In this mini-game, instead of using sun to plant, the sun will be used to load a slot machine, which will give you plants, sun or money. You win the game when you have 2000 sun.

To spin the slot machine, you need 25 sun. If you get 3 different slots, you get nothing. If you get 2 of a kind, you get one item of that kind. If you get 3 of a kind, you'll get 3 items of that kind (a "Jackpot")

Items that you can get from the slot machine:

- Peashooters

- Sunflowers

- Snow Peas

- Wall-nuts

- Diamonds

- 100 sun (500 for a jackpot)

  • Zombies: Normal, Conehead, Buckethead.
  • Strategy: This mini-game is based mostly on luck, and the slot machine. Spin the slot machine repeatedly, and collect the rewards.

Arrange your plants like this:

S  S  P  N  P  W  *  *  *                S: Sunflower
S  S  P  N  P  W  *  *  *                P: Peashooter
S  S  P  N  P  W  *  *  *                N: Snow Pea
S  S  P  N  P  W  *  *  *                W: Wall-nut
S  S  P  N  P  W  *  *  * 
  • Variations: You can push the Wall-nuts forward a few columns, since the slot machine can give you loads of shooters until you don't have enough space to use them.

It's Raining Seeds

  • Stage: Fog.
  • Gameplay: Like a conveyor belt level, however plants packets will fall from the sky instead of sliding inside a conveyor belt. Plants packets will disappear after a while, so better think quick and plant quick.
  • Plants: Almost all 42 types of non-upgrade plants can fall from the sky, which makes this mini-game interesting. The exceptions are Grave Buster, Umbrella Leaf, Coffee Bean and Flower Pot.
  • Zombies: Normal, Conehead, Buckethead, Screendoor, Newspaper, Football, Jack-in-the-box, Bungee.
  • Strategy: Since all sort of plants can fall down from the sky, the strategy is indefinite. Place the shooters in the back, defenders in front, 'functional' plants (Like Magnet-shrooms) behind defenders and use instants immediately in front, since they'll disappear quickly if you don't use them. Although Umbrella Leaves are absent in this mini game, you need not worry about Bungee kidnaps, because there always will be new plants from the sky to cover for your lost. This mini game is very simple, and you should be able beat it easily.


  • Stage: Night.
  • Gameplay: Based on one of PopCap's best sellers Bejeweled, Beghouled requires the players to swap plants with each other in order to make a line of 3 or more of the same type while fending off zombies. The lawn's 8 leftmost columns will be filled with plants. You win the game by making 75 matches. Keep in mind that if one of your plants get eaten, the area will become a crater and unusable (plants dropping from above will "ignore" the crater).

Making matches gives you 25 sun, cascades or matches longer than 3 plants give you more sun. Sun could be used to buy upgrades or helps during the game. The upgrades are:

- Scramble the lawn (100 sun). Note: If there are no more moves available, the lawn will automatically be scrambled, and you don't have to pay for it.

- Upgrade Wall-nuts to Tall-nuts (250 sun)

- Upgrade Puff-shrooms to Fume-shrooms (500 sun)

- Upgrade Peashooters to Repeaters (1000 sun)

- Refill craters (200 sun for each craters)

  • Plants: Peashooter (Repeater), Wall-nut (Tall-nut), Puff-shroom (Fume-shroom), Snow Pea, Starfruits, Magnet-shroom.
  • Strategy: This mini game is fairly easy, especially for anyone who had played Bejeweled before. Just keep making matches and upgrade your plants when you have the chance. Do not upgrade Wall-nuts until other upgrades has been bought, since the chance of Wall-nuts appearing in front is very low. When a crater appears, refill it immediately, but don't do it when the zombies are still standing near, or you'll be wasting 200 sun for nothing. Also, don't waste 100 sun in scrambling the lawn when you haven't bought all of the upgrades yet.


  • Stage: Pool at night, no fog.
  • Gameplay: This is a conveyor belt mini game. In this mini-game you must fight invisible zombies. Don't worry, your plants can still see them and shoot.
  • Plants: Peashooter, Kernel-pult, Wall-nut, Ice-shroom, Squash, Lily Pad.
  • Zombies: Normal, Conehead, Buckethead, Dolphin Rider, Jack-in-the-box, Zomboni.
  • Gameplay: This mini-game is arguably one of the hardest mini games, so bring the Garden Rake. Fill the lanes with Peashooters and Kernel-pults and place the Wall-nuts in the 6th column to block zombies and force Dolphins Riders to jump. You'll be dealing with a lot of powerful zombies using only basic attackers, so better plant fast. Save Squashes to take care of more powerful zombies, like Zomboni or Dolphin Riders. Ice-shrooms are also very important since they freeze zombies AND show you their locations (the ice under their feet) Zombies coming in the pool could be located since they make water splashes when entering the pool, but you must remember their location as Ice-shrooms won't show ice under their feet.

One important strategy is: If you can't use your eyes, use your ears. Listen for the sounds of the attacking zombies and you'll be able to identify the types of zombies coming. Listening is very important in this mini game.

Seeing Stars

  • Stage: Day.
  • Gameplay: Like a normal day level, except that you also need to ạrrange Starfruits in the following formation:

*  *  *  X  *  *  *  *  *
*  *  *  X  X  *  *  *  *
*  X  X  X  X  X  X  *  *
*  *  *  X  X  X  *  *  *
*  *  *  X  *  *  X  *  *

You can't place other plants into the squares where Starfruits are supposed to be planted, not even temporarily. You win the game by filling all required squares with Starfruits.

  • Zombies: Normal, Conehead, Buckethead.


  • Plants: Starfruit is compulsory. Bring Sunflower, Peashooter, Snow Pea, Wall-nut, Garlic. Also bring a couple of instants in case of emergencies. The rest is your choice.
  • Strategy: Start off like a normal day level; however, since the middle row is covered with Starfruits, which can't shoot forward, place a Garlic there. Place Peashooters on all lanes, and start replacing them with Snow Peas (you can't use Snow Peas with Peashooters because of lack of space) After finishing, start placing Starfruits in the middle row, front to back (to have the Starfruits going for the zombies). You don't need to plant any additional shooters since the gigantic number of Starfruits will be able to kill all zombies. Along with planting Starfruits, place Wall-nuts right in the front of each lanes' rightmost Starfruits. Fill the lawn with Starfruits to complete the level.

The final lawn should look like this:

S  S  N  X  W  *  *  *  *        S: Sunflower
S  S  N  X  X  W  *  *  *        N: Snow Pea
S  X  X  X  X  X  X  G  *        X: Starfruit
S  S  N  X  X  X  W  *  *        W: Wall-nut
S  S  N  X  *  *  X  W  *        G: Garlic
  • Variations: Instead of replacing Peashooters, you can place Snow Peas in front, but you'll have to push the Wall-nuts further.


  • Gameplay: It's good old Insaniquarium implemented into Plants vs Zombies. In this mini game, you have to take care of Snorkel Zombies swimming in your tank by feeding them brains. They'll produce sun so you can buy more Snorkel Zombies or buy the trophy for 1000 sun, winning the game. You lose the game when you lose all of your Snorkel Zombies.
  • Zombies: Snorkel Zombie (100 sun). They produce 25 sun at a time. You need to feed them brains, which cost 5 sun per brain.
  • Strategy: This mini-game is mainly for fun, so almost no strategy is required. You should keep an eye on the Snorkel Zombies and feed them. When you have about 10-15 Snorkel Zombies, you can stop buying them and start conserving sun to buy the trophy and win the game. Too many snorkel zombies and your mouse may break (just like in Insaniquarium).

Beghouled Twist

  • Gameplay: Based off another Bejeweled game, Bejeweled Twist, in this mini-game you need to twist 4 plants at a time in order to make a match. However, unlike Bejeweled Twist, you must make a match every time you twist. The rest of this game is identical to Beghouled, so we need not repeat it here.
  • Strategy: Like Beghouled. If you haven't played Bejeweled Twist before, there is an additional strategy for you other than thinking: CLICKING LIKE CRAZY! Since Beghouled doesn't allow illegal moves, unlike Bejeweled Twist, clicking like crazy would help you make a move when you can't find one.

Big Trouble Little Zombie

  • Stage: Pool.
  • Gameplay: This is a conveyor belt mini game. Firstly played in level 3-5 of Adventure, in this mini game you have to deal with tiny zombies, which is 3 times weaker than a normal zombie. But they come in very large numbers, and they also have a very big appetite.
  • Plants: Peashooter, Lily Pad, Wall-nut, Cherry Bomb.
  • Zombies: Normal, Conehead, Snorkel, Football, all mini-sized.
  • Strategy: Although they're weak, they come in very large number and they walk and eat faster than normal zombies, so they're extremely annoying. Place Peashooters so that they cover all lanes, Wall-nuts in the 6th column, and when the pool zombies arrive, plant Wall-nuts in the pool quickly to stop the Snorkels. Expect to use a lot of Cherry Bombs in this level, especially when your build isn't completed yet. Keep on filling the lawn with Peashooters and replace any damaged Wall-nuts. This mini game starts up hard, but after you finish your build, things should be easy.

Portal Combat

  • Stage: Night.
  • Gameplay: This is a conveyor belt mini game. In this mini game, 4 portals appear on the lawn, 2 for each type. When zombies, projectiles or lawnmowers get inside a portal, they come out in the second one of the same type. Be careful, when the portals relocate themselves, this game will become extremely unpredictable.
  • Plants: Peashooter, Repeater, Wall-nut, Cherry Bomb, Torchwood, Cactus.
  • Zombies: Normal, Buckethead, Football, Balloon.
  • Strategy: Plant your Cacti in the 1st column (in order to take care of all balloon zombies regardless of the portals.), Peashooters and Repeaters in the next 3 columns, Torchwoods in the 5th, Wall-nuts in the 6th.

The final build:

C P P P T W * * *        P: Peashooter/Repeater
C P P P T W * * *        C: Cactus
C P P P T W * * *        T: Torchwood
C P P P T W * * *        W: Wall-nut
C P P P T W * * *

At the beginning, the portals will ALWAYS in these positions:

* *{* * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * *{        {,[: Portals
* * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * *[
* *[* * * * * * *

Also, no zombies will appear in the 2nd and the 4th row, and few in the 3rd one. So, concentrate your firepower in the 2nd and the 4th row to deal with the zombies coming from the 1st and 5th row. The zombies will have to walk a very long way to get to the shooters because of the portals. Do not forget to plant your shooters in the other rows, however. After the portals relocate, the game will become very unpredictable. It will be a matter of luck when it comes to portal relocating. Keep spreading your shooters and concentrate on the rows that's taking the most trouble because of the portals. If a portal has failed you big time, use a Wall-nut to block all incoming traffics to that portal. You'll have to use a lot of Cherry Bombs and may even lose some lawnmowers, so be careful.

Note: If a Balloon zombie shows up in the lane that doesn't have a Cactus, you'll have no choice but to use a Cherry Bomb.

Column Like You See 'Em

  • Stage: Roof.
  • Gameplay: This is a conveyor belt mini game. In this mini-game, when you place a plant in a column, the entire column will be filled by that same plant! This clearly saves you the trouble in planting, but in return, you'll have to deal with a lot of powerful zombies. The roof's 8th leftmost columns will be filled with Flower Pots and the zombies won't appear until the beginning of the first wave..
  • Plants: This mini game is rather special, because at the beginning there will be a fixed set of plants (which will NOT change whenever you play this mini game): Potato Mine, Tall-nut, Melon-pult, Magnet-shroom, Coffee Bean, Melon-pult. The plants that you'll get during the game are Melon-pult, Jalapeno, Squash, Chomper, Pumpkin, Flower Pot.
  • Zombies: Normal, Conehead, Buckethead, Football, Ladder, Jack-in-the-box, Gargantuar. Only Ladder Zombies, Jack-in-the-box Zombies and Gargantuar appears in large groups of their type at once.
  • Strategy: At the beginning, place the Potato Mines in the 8th column, Tall-nuts in the 7th, Magnet-shrooms and Coffee Beans in the 5th and the Melon-pults in the back. The 6th column is reserved for Chompers. Cover the columns behind Tall-nuts with Pumpkins. If the Ladder Zombies show up, you may have to use Jalapeno to finish them off. Jack-in-the-box Zombies aren't really a big threat. Even if they do explode, your build is mostly unharmed. When Gargantuars show up, you may only need to use Flower Pots to buy some time and one instant to finish them off. The 2 flags are almost identical to each other, so the game is rather short.

Bobsled Bonanza

  • Stage: Pool.
  • Gameplay: In this mini game, you'll to deal with with Zombonies and Bobsled zombies only! The lawn's 5 rightmost columns are covered in ice, which makes planting space very limited. Garden Rake is unusable. Since it's so difficult, you'll be given more preparation time than normal.
  • Zombies: Normal, Zomboni, Bobsled. Normal zombies are almost absent in this mini game, and they only appear in a big wave.


  • Plants: Sunflower, Repeater, Lily Pad, Spikeweed, Jalapeno (Imitater Jalapeno if necessary), Wall-nut, instants like Squash and Jalapeno. You can also bring Spikerock.
  • Strategy: No doubt one of the hardest mini game, so careful timing is very important. However, you can win this mini-game without busting the ice. Start by planting Sunflowers. Since the pool zombies are almost absent, plant Sunflowers as much as you can in the pool (not too much) along with 2 columns on land. If Zombonies shows up, buy more time with Potato Mines or Squashes. If Bobsleds show up, use Wall-nuts to block them off and place Potato Mines or Squashes behind Wall-nuts. If things get desperate, use Jalapenos as emergency measures. When you gain enough sun, plant 2 Repeaters and Spikeweed on a row to take care of Bobsleds and keep using instants to kill the Zombonies. Do not forget to plant Repeaters in the pool rows! After you finish the build, you can start digging off the Sunflowers on land and plant Repeaters to increase your firepower. After that, you can sit back and keep an eye on the Spikeweeds. If you have Spikerocks, the mini game would even go more smoothly and you barely have to do anything at all.

The completed build:

R  R  R  S  X  X  X  X  X       R: Repeater
R  R  R  S  X  X  X  X  X       S: Spikeweed
F  F  F  F  R  *  *  *  *       F: Sunflower
F  F  F  F  R  *  *  *  *       X: Ice
R  R  R  S  X  X  X  X  X
R  R  R  S  X  X  X  X  X
  • Variations: You can bring Gatling Peas or Torchwoods to increase firepower. Note that plant them only when you have completed your build.

Zombie Nimble Zombie Quick

  • Stage: Pool.
  • Gameplay: Just like a normal Pool level, however everything will be 2x faster! You'll need a fast hand to play this game.
  • Zombies: Normal, Conehead, Pole vaulter, Dolphin rider.

  • Strategy: Besides speedy gameplay, this mini game actually isn't difficult at all. Use the skills learned and finish this mini game like a normal level.

Whack a Zombie

  • Stage: Night.
  • Gameplay: First played in level 2-5 of Adventure. There will be a lot of graves on the lawn, and zombies will appear from the graves. After a while, another grave will appear. Instead of using plants, however you'll be given a mallet to whack the zombies. Whacking zombies might give you 75 sun to plant. The mini game may sound simple, but as the game progresses, the zombies will walk very fast, requiring you to click the mouse repeatedly.
  • Zombies: Normal. Conehead, Buckethead. Normal zombies can take 1 quack, Conehead: 2, Buckethead: 3.
  • Plants: Potato Mine, Grave Buster, Ice-shroom.
  • Strategy: Of all the plants you can use in this mini game, only Grave Busters are really useful. While you're whacking zombies, when you receive sun, plant a Grave Buster immediately, and use Grave Busters on graves that are far from other graves in order to cluster the graves together for convenience. If things get really desperate, you can use Ice-shrooms, but Grave Busters are still priority. You may have to lose a few lawnmowers in this mini game.

Last Stand

  • Stage: Pool.
  • Gameplay: You'll be given 5000 sun and time to set up a stable build which will have to last for 5 flags in order to win this mini game. Puff-shrooms, Sea-shrooms and sun producers are not allowed. Also, no sun will fall from the sky and you only receive sun after every flag (250 sun) to repair your build. Every flag starts at your command.

Since this mini game gives you loads of sun and time, there are a lot of strategies available.

  • Zombies: Normal, Conehead, Buckethead, Pole Vaulter, Newspaper, Screen Door, Football, Dolphin Rider, Jack-in-the-box, Ladder.

Strategy 1

This build, although uses few basic plants, is powerful and should take out most of the zombies quickly. However, this build also takes a lot of sun to build, though not too much. It's also very weak against Screen Doors and Ladders, so bring a Cherry Bomb to take out the ladders on your Tall-nuts. Use this build if you haven't bought any upgrades yet.

  • Plants: Repeater, Torchwood, Lily Pad, Tall-nut, Garlic, Cherry Bomb/Jalapeno. The rest is your choice.
  • Build:
*  *  *  *  *  *  *  g  g        R: Repeater
R  R  R  R  D  T  *  *  *        D: Torchwood
R  R  R  R  D  T  -  -  -        g: Garlic
R  R  R  R  D  T  -  -  -        T: Tall-nut
R  R  R  R  D  T  *  *  *
*  *  *  *  *  *  *  g  g

Use the sun received to repair your Garlics and Tall-nuts.

Strategy 2

This build utilizes Gloom-shroom, which is one of the most powerful attackers in the game. Gloom-shrooms' damages per second and their power of penetrating multiple zombies make this build use very little space. The empty space will be filled with Marigolds for money farming. However, this build also uses a lot of seed slots.

  • Plants: Lily Pad, Coffee Bean, Fume-shroom, Gloom-shroom, Marigold, Garlic, Magnet-shroom, Tall-nut. If you have extra seed slots, bring Pumpkin and/or Gold Magnet
  • Build:

- Without Pumpkins:

M  M  M  M  T  *  *  *  *        G: Gloom-shroom
M  M  M  M  S  G  G  g  g        M: Marigold
M  M  M  M  M  T  -  -  -        g: Garlic
M  M  M  M  M  T  -  -  -        S: Magnet-shroom
M  M  M  M  S  G  G  g  g        T: Tall-nut
M  M  M  M  T  *  *  *  *

- With Pumpkins:

Pumpkins will give you more space for Marigolds.

M  M  M  M  M  T  *  *  *       []: Pumpkin
M  M  M  M  M  S  G [G] g
M  M  M  M  M [M] T  -  -
M  M  M  M  M [M] T  -  -
M  M  M  M  M  S  G [G] g
M  M  M  M  M  T  *  *  *

Like above, use the sun for repairing Garlics, Tall-nuts and additionally Pumpkins. If you have Gold Magnet, you can replace 2 Marigolds with Gold Magnets for a fully automatic money collector.

ZomBotany 2

  • Stage: Pool.
  • Gameplay: The ZomBotanies has returned, with a lot of new types of dangerous zombies.
  • Zombies:
    • Peashooter zombie, Wall-nut zombie: See ZomBotany.
    • Gatling Pea zombie: Like Peashooter zombies, but Gatling Pea zombies fire 4 peas at a time, which kills your plants faster.
    • Squash zombie: They move very fast (like Ladder zombies with ladders) When they come in contact with plants, their head jump off and kill the plants, killing themselves as well.
    • Jalapeno zommbie: Like Jack-in-the-box zombies, however when they explode, they deal heavy damage (NOT kill, unlike Jack-in-the-boxes) all plants on their lanes. Unlike most ZomBotanies, which have the health of a normal zombie, they have the health of a Conehead zombie.
    • Tall-nut zombie: Extremely durable, even instant killers can only take away most of their hit points.


  • Plants: Peashooter, Sunflower, Wall-nut, Tall-nut, Snow Pea, Repeater, Lily Pad, Squash. If you have extra seed slots, you can bring Imitater Wall-nut. The rest is your choice.
  • Strategy: Most of the strategies for ZomBotany still applies here. Also, if a Squash zombie appears when you haven't complete your build yet, use Squash (Potato Mines are too slow for this) Tall-nut zombies are very tough, so you may have to dig out a column of Sunflowers to plant Repeaters to increase your firepower.

The completed build:

S  R  N  R  R  T  *  *  *
S  R  N  R  R  T  *  *  *
S  R  N  R  R  T  -  -  -
S  R  N  R  R  T  -  -  -
S  R  N  R  R  T  *  *  *
S  R  N  R  R  T  *  *  *
  • Variations: Like ZomBotany.

Wall-nut Bowling 2

  • Stage: Day.
  • Gameplay: Conveyor belt style. The new and much more difficult version of Wall-nut Bowling, featuring a lot of new zombies.
  • Plants:
    • Wall-nut, Explode-o-nut: See Wall-nut Bowling.
    • Giant Wall-nut: Exclusive to Wall-nut Bowling 2. This giant version of Wall-nut crushes all zombies on the lane they're planted on and cannot be jumped over.
  • Zombies: Normal, Conehead, Buckethead, Screendoor, Pole Vaulter, Dancing/Disco zombie. Screen Door zombies can take 4 hits, OR only one hit if the Wall-nuts bounce off another zombies and hit them, effectively hitting them behind their screen doors. Dancing zombies and their back up dancers can take one hit.
  • Strategy: The strategies in Wall-nut Bowling applies. Also, since screen doors are very durable, try to kill the Screen Doors zombies behind their screens. Dancing zombies with their backup dancer is extremely annoying and powerful, so try to kill them before they summon the backup dancers. If you fail (which will likely happen most of the time) try to kill the lead dancers by bouncing off other zombies (the backup dancers shielded the front, so hitting them head on would be useless) When a really big horde of zombies is approaching, decide between Explode-o-nuts or Giant Wall-nut and see which will kill more zombies.

Pogo Party

  • Stage: Roof.
  • Gameplay: Like a normal Roof level, however you'll be dealing with Pogo zombies only. The start up time is longer than usual.
  • Zombies: Normal, Pogo. Normal zombies are almost absent in this mini game.


Strategy 1 (by killer_96)

  • Plants: Sunflower, Flower Pot, Cabbage-pult, Melon-pult, Wall-nut, Tall-nut, Coffee Bean, Magnet-shroom, Tall-nut. Bring more instants in case of emergencies and Imitater Wall-nut. Kernel-pult is not recommended since Pogo zombies are immune to butter (though they don't when they lose their pogo)
  • Strategy: Garden Rake is recommended. Try to complete 2 columns of Sunflowers and use Squashes to buy time. When you have enough sun, plant a Magnet-shroom in column 5 and don't plant it on the lane where another Pogo is approaching. With your Magnet-shroom Pogo zombies shouldn't be much of a threat. Then you can calmly plant a column of Cabbage-pult. However, Pogo zombies are still pretty durable (same toughness as a Conehead) so use Wall-nut and Tall-nut to buy time (plant them in the 6th column) After you complete a column of Wall-nuts or Tall-nuts, insert Melon-pults and gradually replace Wall-nuts with Tall-nuts to complete your build. You can remove your Magnet-shroom when a column of Tall-nuts has been planted, since Tall-nuts would block any Pogo zombies jumping over them.

Note: If the Pogo zombies bypass your uncompleted build, use your instants. Instant killers are vital in this mini game.

The final build:

S  S  M  M  M  T  *  *  *        S: Sunflower
S  S  M  M  M  T  *  *  *        M: Melon-pult
S  S  M  M  M  T  *  *  *        T: Tall-nut
S  S  M  M  M  T  *  *  *
S  S  M  M  M  T  *  *  *

Strategy 2 (by 8MislavFish)

  • Plants: Flower Pot, Sunflower, Tall-nut, Pumpkin, Split Pea, Torchwood, Squash and Cherry Bomb. You can choose Twin Sunflower if you want, also you can choose Jalapeno. The rest is your choice.
  • Strategy: Garden Rake is not recommended. Plant sunflowers non-stop until the first Pogo shows up. Kill him with Squash. When 2nde Pogo shows up, plant a Tall-nut in the 5th column. Then, plant a Split Pea in the 7th column. When the 3rd shows up, kill him with squash, and so on... When is 5th column full of tall-nuts and when is 7th column full of Split Peas, start planting Totchwoods in 6th column. After that, start planting Split Peas in 8th column. When the first huge of wave shows up, kill the regual zombies with Cherry Bombs and Squashes. Then, start planting Pumpkins in 8th column. Other waves should be easy now.

NOTE: Be sure to plant sunflowers in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th column.

The final build:

S  S  S  S  T  W  P  (P)  *        S: Sunflower
S  S  S  S  T  W  P  (P)  *        P: Split Pea
S  S  S  S  T  W  P  (P)  *        T: Tall-nut
S  S  S  S  T  W  P  (P)  *        W: Torchwood
S  S  S  S  T  W  P  (P)  *        (): Pumpkins

Zomboss' revenge

  • Stage: Roof
  • Gameplay: Conveyor belt style. Same as the boss battle of Adventure, however Zomboss is stronger and the level's difficulty is increased.
  • Plants: Cabbage-pult, Kernel-pult, Melon-pult, Flower Pot, Ice-shroom, Jalapeno.
  • Strategy: Since you have defeated Zomboss before, this level should be completely the same, just harder. Use the skill learned to achieve your ultimate victory.

Cancelled minigames

These are the mini-games that didn't make it into the final product. However, you can still play them via hacking. Credits go to 8MislavFish and Lagshole for this brilliant discovery.

Art Challenge Wall-nut

Sunny Day

Big Time

Art Challenge Sunflower

Air Raid

Ice Level

High gravity

Grave Danger

Can You Dig It?

Dark Stormy Night

Same as level 4-10.

Bungee Blitz

Same as level 5-5.


  • Stage: Day.
  • Gameplay: The lawn is entirely covered with Wall-nuts and there are 7 squirrels and a zombie hiding in them. You must dig all of the wall-nuts to reveal the squirrels OR the zombie.
  • Strategy: Not much. Just dig all of the Wall-nuts as fast as you can.
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