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The Sandbox mode is accessed by the 'Konami Kode':

up up down down left right left right b a


Typed in at the main menu. You must have the silver trophy in order to access it.

In order to access sandboxes with different items available for purchase, go into the pet select screen for the tank you want, then quit to the menu and access the box.

Once you have the 7 pet upgrade for Virtual Tank, you are allowed to enter the Sandbox mode. Once you entered the Sandbox mode, the game will then allow you to select 11 pets for the Virtual Tank. The 11 pets is simply your reward for discovering the Sandbox. There is no other point, other than perhaps develping better strategies for defeating certain combinations of aliens and setting up tank scenarios for doing it.

The Sandbox mode, or a mode like it, is generally created in most games to allow the programmers of the game to test certain scenarios to get the bugs out before releasing the game to the public. Sometimes, they take the code out before releasing it. Other times, they put in a "secret" code combination so users can stumble across it.

Key Reference


  • 1 - Guppy
  • 2 - Carnivore
  • 3 - Star dropping fish
  • 4 - Star Catcher
  • 5 - Guppy Cruncher
  • 6 - Beetle Muncher
  • 7 - Breeder
  • 8 - Ultravore


  • q - Stinky
  • w - Niko
  • e - Itchy
  • r - Prego
  • t - Zorf
  • y - Clyde
  • u - Vert
  • i - Rufus
  • o - Meryl
  • p - Wadsworth
  • a - Seymour
  • s - Shrapnel
  • d - Gumbo
  • f - Blip
  • g - Rhubarb
  • h - Nimbus
  • j - Amp
  • k - Gash
  • l - Angie
  • ; - Presto

Bonus Pets Make sure they are typed in capitals

  • A - Brinkley
  • S - Nostradamus
  • D - Walter
  • F - Stanley


  • z - Sylvester
  • x - Balrog
  • c - Gus
  • v - Destructor
  • b - Ulysses
  • n - PsychoSquid
  • m - Bilaterus

Change the background with + and -.

You can have as many of anything as you want. Just hold the button down to get them.

Thanks to thespaceinvader, master of the inordinately long post and king of extraneous information...

To change the background music on sandbox mode go to either Adventure , Challenge, or Time Trial. First, click on the level that has your favorite music. Don't take any pets to the level. Then, save and exit the level. After that, go to the Sandbox Mode and it will start with the background music that you chose.

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