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A game modification, or "mod" as it will be called from this point forward, is when changes are made to a game to alter the music, backgrounds, characters, levels, etc. In Insaniquarium Deluxe, a mod cannot add new content to the game; it can only change the graphics, music, and sounds that were already there.

Mods have been created for Insaniquarium Deluxe by different fans of the game, and we will try to host as many of these here as the authors of these mods will allow. You can find these mods by visiting the Game Modification category in the Download Center.


Mod Selection Utility

The Mod Selector Utility by Insaniduck is the easiest way to apply mods to Insaniquarium Deluxe and switch between the mods you have collected. The manual that Insaniduck wrote for the utility can be found below.

Disclaimer: This program is provided on an "AS IS" basis without warranty of any kind, either express or implied. The creator and distributors assume no responsibility and therefore not liable for any damages resulting from using the program provided. Use at your own risk.

First Program Run

Make sure you have the Original Insaniquarium Files in their proper place before attempting to run this program the first time. If you are currently using a Mod, uninstall it and restore Insaniquarium data directories before you run this program. If you don't, it will cause problems with all mods used by this program, and restoring the Original Files will not be possible with this program.

The program will start the first time by setting a few initial settings the program needs, and you must "Initialize" the program by clicking the button to do so.

Install Selected Modification

This can only be done AFTER you have Imported a Mod. See below under "Import Mod" for more information on importing. To Install a Mod listed under the Available Game Modifications, highlight it by clicking on it, then click the "Install Selected Modification" button. The appropriate files are then copied, and the "Current Game Modification Installed" will now read the Mod you just selected. If you wish to uninstall a Mod, simply "Restore Original Insaniquarium." This is not necessary when switching to another Mod, since the "Install Selected Modification" will know if you are currently using another Mod, and will automatically uninstall it before installing the next selection.

Restore Original Insaniquarium

This does just what it says. It restores your files to the original Insaniquarium Deluxe program files, and removes any Mod from the Insaniquarium directory. Mods are not deleted from the Mod Select program or the hard drive, just waiting for re-installing.

Import Mod

You must "Import Mod" before you can "Insall Selected Mod." The program does not come with an autodetect feature to locate your mods for you. You must import them. Click the "Import Mod" button, and fill out the Import Mod Questionaire.

The Instructions on the Questionaire states:

Importing a game modification involves knowing what directories the modification files are to be copied into within the Insaniquarium Deluxe program directory. This should be explained in the Readme file that comes with the game modification.

BEFORE YOU CONTINUE: If the modification you are installing has files to be installed to more than ONE Insaniquarium Deluxe directory, then make sure these files are already separated into SEPARATE directories, or the import feature WILL NOT WORK!

Please use the checkboxes below to check which directories this modification will use. After that is done, enter the name of the game modification. Use only Alphanumeric characters in the name. Once the appropriate checkboxes have been checked, and the name has been entered, use the import button below.

For example, if the Readme file for a particular Mod states that all the files should be copied into Insaniquarium Deluxe's "images" directory, then click the "images" checkbox, and leave the rest unchecked. Then Enter the name of the modification in the text box, and import the mod.

If the Reame file for a particular Mod states that one group of files needs to be copied into the "images" directory, and another group of files needs to be copied into the "sounds" directory, then click both the "images" and "sounds" checkboxes, enter the name of the Modification, and Import.

When you import, you will receive a Directory Selection dialog, that asks you to point out the directory to be imported. Be sure you read at the top which directory it is asking for. If it is asking for the "images" directory, this is the one to be copied to Insaniquarium Deluxe "images" folder. If it is the "sounds" directory, then the same applies. In this example of 2 groups of files, these two groups of files should be separated into two separate directories (also known as folders) in order that they may be selected for import separately. Otherwise, the Mod Selector will not know which files go to which location, and it will not work properly.

Also, it is required that you "double-click" your final directory selection when selecting the directory where your mod is located. It is not "selected" until it is "double-clicked."

Delete Mod

This will remove the Mod configuration from the Mod Selector Utility, and delete the files for the Mod from the directory the Mod Selector Utility was using to install from. Use this feature if you have received an updated version of a Mod, and need to remove the old version before installing the new version.

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