Welcome to InsaniquariumGuide.com!

Welcome to InsaniquariumGuide.com. This site was created as a tribute to Flying Bear's game Insaniquarium Deluxe. Over the years we've put together a pretty extensive guide to help you out when playing the game. If you would like to discuss the game or need more help than the guide can provide this forum is the right place to come.

We became so successful at helping people with Flying Bear's game that he bought the site. We were pretty excited when that happened, but our involvement didn't stop. His purchase made us the official source of information, and he allows the community to continue to work as before, providing the best help anywhere for his game.

We've also begun a foray into the workings of Plants vs. Zombies. We will delve ever deeper into this wonderful new game by Flying Bear Entertainment, who now works for PopCap Games.

Take a look around. Take your shoes off. Get comfortable and stick around a while. I think you'll like what you find here. A great community of people who love games by Flying Bear and share with one another in a friendly, cozy atmosphere.

This site is now an archive site, and is no longer updated. The forums have also been closed.